We develop operating logs and software for sewage treatment plants, water plants and industrial facilities.

Hundreds of installations of all sizes, in sewage treatment plants, water treatment plants and industrial prove our quality. All our programs are continually developed, optimized and adapted to the technical developments and new requirements.

You can connect our operating logs with most external data sources. Many existing formulas and functions make your work easier. The adaptation of the software to your requirements, eg inserting of new columns and parameters in the system, is very easy. Service and customer satisfaction are most important for us. We are offer free help for Programm.and answer your questions gladly
Update service

Updates can be downloaded for free here on our website. So you have always a current software.
The new Operating Log NG - English Version V15
Download (23 MB)
   Full version V15    (English version)
installation Instructions

The operating journal will run for 30 days as the full version, so you can test all functions extensively.
After that, no more entries are saved. The data already you entered are preserved and can still be used after purchase.
System Requirements:
Windows - XP_SP2, Vista, 7, 8, server from 2003
Microsoft .Net Framework 3.5 SP1
Middle PC with a larger screen (min. 17 '')
The download includes the following versions

  Operating log for sewage treatment plants
  Operating log for water works
  Operating log for industrial plants
If the Dot Net Framework (c) 3.5 SP1 from Microsoft (c) is not installed on your computer, you can download it here.
This .Net Framework is normally available as standard on the specified Windows versions.
Online-orders (DWA-Shop) Manual NG (0,9 MB)
Features - Standard Version
Several plants (operating logs) can be managed within the program.
Comprehensive graphics module with many display options in 2D, 3D, logarithmic, or 85% value,
average, sliding average, etc.
Any number of daily reports, monthly reports and annual reports can be created.
Each report offers several representations.
Use the scheduler to manage your appointments and tasks.
Print Wizard with comfortable print preview and 'print page' Automaitik
Logbook to document current events.
Comprehensive data analysis options
Password-protected access (Login)
Export reports to PDF, CSV, XML or via clipboard directly into a spreadsheet, etc.

In operating log for Waterworks, the special modules analyzing management such as wells & springs are available.

Features - PRO Version
The PRO-MODUL offers the possibility to connecting the operating log to external process data and networks.
For this purpose an independent module, the 'SBS data logger' is available. This module operates independently of the operating log and is thus flexible to use.
Data import through simple connection to external data sources.
e.g. Excel files (xls, xlsx), text files (csv) and Access databases, etc.
Easy setup and adjustment of the connection, since much has already been pre-configured.
Incl. the approved 'Maintenance tab' and the 'Disturbance book'
and much more ...

Download MS .NET-Framework 3.5 SP1
direkt von Microsoft(c).
Monthly Report
Graphical evaluation
Program settings
Maintenance tab
Data logger
Here in the green area, you can download the latest version (update only) of your Hirthammer SBS operating log NG.

Start downloaded file. Then follow the program instructions please.
Software Update Version 15
Please use this, usually free service. So you have always the latest version.
Compare the version number in your program (title bar) with the version number here on the site. The higher version number is the newer program. In this case, we highly recommend the download
Download Update NG
Latest Version 15.43
Note: Update only works with installed
full version
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